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Samsung Steps Up Their eSports Sponsorship Campaigns in Canada


Samsung Sponsors eSports in Canada

Professional and amateur eSports have become quite popular in Canada, with many online casinos offering the opportunity to bet and even colleges offering varsity teams. As electronic sports continue to rise in popularity, leading companies worldwide are sponsoring eSports companies and teams.

Samsung announced a new partnership with a Canadian eSports parent group that oversees Luminosity Gaming, an organization with teams competing in popular esports such as Call of Duty Rainbow Six, Fortnite, and Alex Legends. Learn more about this exciting partnership between Samsung and Enthusiast.

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New Canadian Sponsorship

The leading technology company, Samsung, has recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Enthusiast to make sure they remain a viable brand working to support competitive gaming. In 2017, the Samsung Galaxy League team ended, but Samsung has quickly stepped up its sponsorship campaigns in Canada.

The multi-platform sponsorship will allow Samsung to deliver computing components and various accessories to millennials who are enthralled with eSports and gaming.

This exciting sponsorship involves promotional activities with various teams and brand ambassadors to offer live-streamed content as well as online media properties. It has also been announced that Samsung will be sponsoring Enthusiast’s Luminosity Gaming teams. The logo will be placed on jerseys and at venues across Canada. The company has also agreed to sponsor the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo event.

Enthusiast Gaming is a leading digital media company operating in Canada, and it owns the famous gaming convention Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo. With the new partnership with Samsung, the eSports industry in Canada will get a considerable boost. The support from this tech company means more promotional offers, more funding for events, and an increased audience due to Samsung’s massive base of loyal customers.

Since eSports has taken center stage, Samsung-sponsored events have been enjoyed worldwide. With this new partnership in Canada, the esports market will continue to grow, attracting more fans and more people who will gamble online!


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Canadian eSports Betting

If you are a fan of gambling online, you will find there are many opportunities to bet on eSports at leading Canadian casino sites. Many licensed and regulated online casinos in Canada also offer legal sports betting. This section will find options to place bets on eSports events. The biggest and best eSports are covered, and you will find the best casino sites to provide bonus offers to help you get started.

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While a no deposit bonus will offer a small amount of money to begin betting, other great offers will be enjoyed. The top-rated sites for online gambling provide many bonuses for returning members. If you are a fan of sports betting and want to earn free bets or free funds, be sure to check out the provided promotional deals at your preferred website. You can also find great offers for playing casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and more.

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Samsung eSports History

Despite not managing any current teams, Samsung is a significant contributor to the market. When eSports first became popular, Samsung jumped right in and created and managed teams for a few years. These disbanded in 2017, and the company has not managed a team since. However, it remains involved in the eSports industry and has formed many partnerships in the past few years.

Aside from the latest eSports sponsorship campaigns in Canada with Enthusiast, Samsung eSport sponsorships span the world. This company partnered with Guild Sports, an organization run by David Beckham. It also became a leading partner with CLS memory. Not only does Samsung have partnerships with teams and leagues, but it also promotes learning by sponsoring programs for those aspiring to be game designers.


Samsung may be a leader in the field of technology, but this company is also a significant sponsor for online betting. Around the globe, this company has been creating partnerships with leagues and teams to promote electronic sports and back, local players. With the Canadian sponsorship campaign with Enthusiast, Samsung continues to show its commitment to providing top-notch accessories and technology to the field and improving how gamers can compete and enjoy the thrills of eSports.


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