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Samsung Combination Firmware Compatibility Codes


This is a tutorial to help you check the compatibility of any Samsung stock firmware/flash file or Combination file before flashing it to your Samsung device.

First of all, what’s a Samsung Combination file/firmware or flash file and what is it used for?

Combination firmware or flash file is professional service firmware or flash file for professionals or engineers.

It could also be called a developer software because it is used to test all hardware features like back camera, front camera, sensors, RAM memory, ROM memory, screen/display, Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio, etc via a service/test menu.

A combination file or firmware can’t be used as a daily driver because it’s limited in the basic features you will need for a working smartphone. It’s just like the safe mode in a smartphone.

Why should you check the Samsung stock firmware to know if it’s compatible before flashing it to your Samsung device?

Uses of a Samsung combination firmware are:

  • To remove Google Account FRP(Factory Reset Protection) lock
  • Enable ADB/Fastboot access on the locked Samsung phone using the ENG S.boot file
  • To remove the Samsung Account lock or Samsung Factory Reset Protection
  • Troubleshooting of your Samsung Galaxy device
  • Restoring to factory defaults
  • It enables the Service menu / Test mode to test the Samsung device.
  • A combination file can be used to downgrade the Android version.
  • Fix the error: The device does not have the key-DRK issue.
  • Fix Samsung device that’s stuck, hang or stopping in recovery mode.
  • Fix a device that’s stuck on the Samsung logo.
  • Fix or repair IMEI, Serial Number, and other connectivity related IDs
  • Repair Knox
  • Change CSC of your Samsung device

Whatever you want to do with a combination firmware, make sure you flash the one that matches your device and also have the official working stock ROM to restore your device to its normal state for daily usage.

Flashing the combination files can be done via Samsung Odin Flashtool, Z3X Box, CM2 Samsung Module, Octoplus Box, Miracle Box, and other professional tools.

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How to Check Samsung Combination File/Firmware Compatibility Codes

To help you understand how to use the right combination firmware for your device, here’s a quick guide.

This will also help you with how to understand Samsung firmware numbers/codes.

E.g of a combination firmware is:


J710F – Shows the model of the device.

XX – Country/Region

U1 – Bootloader version. Very important


  • OXA = CSC Build. CSC(Consumer Software Customization) denotes a specific geographical region or carrier branding. You can find more Samsung CSC codes here.

FA70 – Tells you the Android version of the Combination firmware.

  • FG00 – Android GO OS
  • FA90 – Android 9.0 Pie
  • FA80 – Android 8.0 Oreo
  • FA70 – Android 7.0 Nougat
  • FA60 – Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • FA51 – Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • FA50 – Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • FA44 – Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • FA43 – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • FAJP – Android Jelly Bean
  • FTMA – Tizen OS

Q – This shows the Combination firmware/file year

  • A – 2001
  • B – 2002
  • C – 2003
  • D – 2004
  • E – 2005
  • F – 2006
  • G – 2007
  • H – 2008
  • I – 2009
  • J – 2010
  • K – 2011
  • L – 2012
  • M – 2013
  • N – 2014
  • O – 2015
  • P – 2016
  • Q – 2017
  • R – 2018
  • T – 2019

B – The month

  • A – January
  • B – February
  • C – March
  • D – April
  • E – May
  • F – June
  • G – July
  • H – August
  • I – September
  • J – October
  • K – November
  • L – December

3 – The software Revision number shows the revision of the combination firmware.

  • 1 – Revision 1
  • 2 – Revision 2
  • 3 – Revision 3
  • 4 – Revision 4
  • 5 – Revision 5
  • 6 – Revision 6
  • 7 – Revision 7
  • 8 – Revision 8
  • 9 – Revision 9
  • A – Revision 10
  • B – Revision 11
  • C  – Revision 12
  • D – Revision 13
  • E – Revision 14
  • F – Revision 15

Below are FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to Samsung firmware compatibility and codes.

How to check my Samsung firmware build, code, and other information?

You can see the original model number, build, binary CSC, etc by entering recovery mode on your Samsung, Download mode or via the About phone section of your Samsung phone.

If you have any issues or feedback, please drop a comment. Also, share the post with your friends using the share icons on the screen.


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  1. Hello, I’m trying to recover my Samsung Tab A T387VVRU1AR15. I was doing Verizon updates when it crashed, I think it was update 7 that caused it. So when trying to power up, it states “This is old binary. Please update to latest binary.” So I am assuming I need stock firmware, and not the combination firmware? Where can I grab the firmware? I finished downloading the Samsung drivers and Odin 3b. Thank you for any assistance you can provide! I appreciate it.

    • Odin3b was created for a specific purpose and not what you’re trying to do. Recomended for your tab is Odin3 v3.13.3. Your tablet is using binary 1 when you should be using binary 2. This is the build number you should be using. T387VVRS2BSK2

  2. Hello, you can use this stock firmware for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2018 SM-T387V below. Flashing instructions is also included.


  3. Ok, thank you. I will give that a try!

  4. Hello. IK seem to be having difficulties finding the correct combination file for the Galaxy Tab A (2019) SM T510 with firmware listed as T510XXS2ASK1. Can anyone assist me with directions or a link?

  5. I tried to remove reactivation lock on gears s3 frontier SM-R860-94cb
    Which file coul I use

  6. Hi, I’m trying to remove FRP on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model SM-N950NZKAKTO. I’m confused about the correct version of ODIN, combination file/firmware and the stock firmware for this model. Could you help me , please? Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi, I got this information:

    Product name: SM-N950N
    Current Binary: Samsung Official
    KG state: Prenormal
    FRP LOCK: on
    OEM LOCK: on
    Secure download: Enabled
    CCIC: S2MM005 hw: 6 boot 7 main :46
    Carrier_ID: KTO
    Warranty void: 0 (ox0000)
    RP SWREV: B:5 K;3 S:3
    DID = 028ccfd07612

    EVT 1.1
    CHIP_ID= 028ccfd07612
    nASV_Table_Version: 8
    nASV_Group_CPUCL0: 6
    nASV_Group_CPUCL1: 7
    nASV_Group_G3D : 1
    nASV_Group_MIF : 9
    nASV_Group_INT ; 9
    nASV_Group_CAM_DISP : 9
    nASV_Group_CP : 7
    nASV_Group_PMIC : 0
    nASV_Group_PMIC_CP : -26791168
    PMIC_ID = 2(e4)
    LPDDR4 manufacturer = Samsung
    LPDDR4 process ver = D18
    LPDDR4 size = 6G


  8. Hi. If you can enter recovery mode, please share the details related to your phone @ the top.

  9. Do you have a latest combination firmware for s9+

    Android 9.

    Trying to bypass FRP.


  10. Hey, do you have stock firmware for SM-R7200ZWAXSE (gear s2). thank you

  11. Hello, Im Trying to flash a J2 Core S260 DL Binary 3 and could really use a point in the right direction. Cant seem to find the correct file.

  12. Hi,
    Can you help me , please. My ROM information is R16NW/G930FxxSX6esI4 I am try to find the correct combination file.

    Many thanks for your help

    • Could you please check the ROM information again to make sure you typed it as it’s.

    • If you’re trying to flash a combination file into your phone I’m curious why. Are you having difficulties with your phone. Combination files are used to bring your device to a certain state. The Binaries have to be correct or the flash will fail. Your binary structure is listed as 6 if the Build No. (not ROM) is correct. You should find a combination file that is similar, (if you look at your Build No, “G930FxxSX6esI4” you’ll see where the 6 is which indicates the Binary. Find a file that has a 6 in the same place with whatever version of Android your device is running. Hope you are using Odin3.14 to flash.

  13. This is for a phone I had a few years ago. I want to give it to someone but I cannot get past FRP. I gave read a combination rom can this??

    Many thanks for your suggestion.

    • Using a combination file doesn’t usually bypass FRP. The Google sign in FRP that is. If you were in “Custom Binary Blocked” mode then these combination files usually help. These are two different FRP locks. This is why I mentioned the binary structure. I have heard it could be used to bypass the Google sign-in, however, the many time I tried this it never worked for the intended purpose. I’ve had my best results bypassing the Google sign in FRP by using YouTube videos. Sometimes this can be time-consuming because there are so many different but similar methods. When and if you take this avenue to fix your issue keep in mind your phone model and what latest security patch the device is using. Here is a link to one. Be advised that the SIM Card method in the video is the most widely used method for these devices.

  14. Many thanks for your reply and suggestion.

  15. Please I have a G965N s9+ duos but only 1 sim slot working, how do I convert it to international version with the 2 sim slots fully functional

    • Hi Ade, what’s your current Android version and build number?

      • When I initially got the phone it was in Korean single sim so I gave it to an engineer to make it dual sim, now my build number is ‘LamLazy Rom s9+ – azmobile’. My reception for both sim is now weak maybe because they share the same IMEI number cos on all other dual sim phones I have been seeing they have separate IMEI for each sim.

  16. It was android 10 in korean and now android 9, model number should now read SM-G965F/DS instead it reads SM-G965F and shares on IMEI number thereby making the reception very weak. Now I’m thinking of returning it back to the korean version then look for an official SM-G965F/DS firmware to flash on it, can you help me sir.

    • Okay, what you’re saying is, your device is currently detecting and working as dual sim right? If yes, then there’s no need to convert it to a dual sim variant anymore. Concerning the IMEI number, you can repair the second IMEI by using professional tools for flashing Samsung devices like Chimera, Z3X, etc.

      You can leave a comment here if you want remote assistance or if you need something else.


      • Thank you very much sir, please I will like to repair the IMEI, my camera app too keeps crashing which is why I want to do this all afresh.

        • So the issue is no longer about dual sim support again, right? Just to repair the IMEI on slot 2. About the camera app crashing, if it started recently, you could consider performing a factory data reset. If you want to reinstall the firmware, you can as well let me know so I can share you some links. Regarding the IMEI repair, reach me through https://bit.ly/3bQ7RuA

          • I would actually like to reinstall the firmware sir, with the hope that it will fix the crashing issue. Thanks so much.

          • I would like to reinstall the firmware sir, hoping it will fix all these problems

          • Okay. Here’s a tutorial you can easily follow to install the Galaxy S9+ G965N Convert To G965F Dual Sim firmware on your device.

            G965N U2 stock firmware – https://androidhost.ru/1n8G
            G965X…TWRP recovery – https://androidhost.ru/1n8I
            G965N CONVERT TO G965F DUAL SIM – https://androidhost.ru/1n8H

            Steps aren’t hard if you follow it properly.

            Install Samsung USB drivers and download Odin
            Flash the stock firmware to your device
            Enable developer options and make sure OEM unlocking and USB Debugging is turned on
            Turn off the device and boot into Odin/Download mode
            Connect it to the PC and then open Odin
            Extract the TWRP file and load it via AP in Odin
            Turn off Auto Reboot under Options in Odin
            Flash the TWRP file
            After flashing, reboot to recovery mode directly using Power + Volume Up + Bixby button

            In recovery mode, click on Wipe and select Format data and type yes to confirm. This is to decrypt your internal storage

            Copy the Convert ROM you downloaded to your device’s internal storage via MTP

            After copying the ROM, click on Wipe on the recovery menu and select Advanced Wipe, then mark system, Dalvik cache, data, and cache to Swipe to wipe.
            Go back and click Install, then select the ROM zip file you copied to your device internal storage.

            Allow it to flash completely and that’s all.

            Video tutorial – https://bit.ly/2ZvZY8A

            Check if everything works perfectly.

            You can then use this for the remote IMEI repair – https://bit.ly/3bQ7RuA

    • Hi my phone os note 9 SCV40
      SM-N960J.ITS JAPANESE.can i download another firmware for another country like emirate SM-N960F? THANK YOU

  17. Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate.

  18. Hi,

    Do you have combination firmware for S6



    Binary 4

    Trying to remove reactivation lock, but I can’t find it any anywhere
    only can find binary 1, 2 and 3

  19. HI,

    I need combination firmware for

    Samsung Galaxy s6 (sm-g920i)

    Android 7

    g920i dvu4frd3

    Binary 4

    Does this even exist? All i can find is for binaries 1,2,3

    Needed for FRP BYPASS

    • The U4 Combination for G920I isn’t available yet. Once it’s, the relevant page will be updated. Are you trying to remove Samsung Account or Google Account?

      • Hi Samsung Firmware.

        I am trying to remove Samsung Account is there any way to do this?

        • You can easily remove the Reactivation lock or Samsung account using third-party professional tools like Z3X, Chimera, etc, or try to use other bypassing methods online. Here’s what I found – https://bit.ly/2DRYHRG. See if it’s helpful.

          • Hi,

            I can bypass the samsung account, but the problem is it cannot be removed in settings anymore as reactivation lock will not allow you to factory reset anymore when it is turned on. It makes no difference if you sign in with your own Samsung account, it still asks for previous email and password of the previous Samsung account no matter what.

          • Here’s the file I mentioned. https://bit.ly/2RgbuAu

          • If the firmware file I provided a link to doesn’t work for you, lemmie know when a good time to chat with you is. I’ll give you a link you can follow and we’ll do a video chat so I can walk you through the proceedure to access the device,

          • Hi Cas,

            Thank you I will give it a try, but I’m not sure this will work as the
            combination file I need is for

            Samsung Galaxy s6 (sm-g920i)

            Android 7


            Binary 4

      • Cas Once again the link you are providing is a text document which sends you back to the same site to download a completely different combination firmware from the same site,. Have you even opened the downloaded file to see this?

        • It appears that you have one of the more difficult issues. These postings are getting a bit crowded and some of your posts are getting hard to locate. I apologize that some of my links and files are useless at the moment and I’ll suggest that you contact me through my personal email. I’d like another try at this. I don’t like leaving anyone with this difficulty. There are a few avenues to try. I’d like to start this over, I always do this with these kinds of issues. If you still need assistance I’m still willing to help.

  20. Hey Samsung? You people should know full well that is an incomplete tutorial for flashing firmware.
    Steps aren’t hard if you follow it properly.

    Install Samsung USB drivers and download Odin ( Most current Drivers and you should use Odin3_v3.14.1)

    Flash the stock firmware to your device. (If you have the 4File it’s not just that easy. However, this is definately not next up on the list of things to do.)
    Enable developer options and make sure OEM unlocking and USB Debugging is turned on. ( if you have access to the device yes enable developer options and turn on OEM unlock. This is your “Bootloader” it has to be unlocked or you won’t be able to flash anything.. It is not necessary to turn on USB Debugging. You are not going to be using ADB [Android Device Bridge] that’s a different way to install files)
    Turn off the device and boot into Odin/Download mode. (Boot into download mode by pressing: bixby, volume down and power).
    Connect it to the PC and then open Odin. (You can open Odin beforehand then connect the device. When you have a connection a section to the left that says ID-COM should turn blue).
    Extract the TWRP file and load it via AP in Odin. (that means click the AP box and your files show up. Navigate through it and find the TWRP you wish to apply. After it loads click the START tab at the bottom.
    Turn off Auto Reboot under Options in Odin. (none of the options should be checked and you do this before you flash it).
    Flash the TWRP file
    After flashing, reboot to recovery mode directly using Power + Volume Up + Bixby button

    In recovery mode, click on Wipe and select Format data and type yes to confirm. This is to decrypt your internal storage

    Copy the Convert ROM you downloaded to your device’s internal storage via MTP (Mass Transfer Protocal)

    (Usually I use a 4 file firmware that is in “tar. md5” format. Odin3 will flash only .tar files. md5 is the sum-check to verify the file isn’t currupted). 4files have the BL (bootloader), AP (Android Program), CP (Central Processor) and the CSC (Consumer information)

    After copying the ROM, click on Wipe on the recovery menu and select Advanced Wipe, then mark system, Dalvik cache, data, and cache to Swipe to wipe.
    Go back and click Install, then select the ROM zip file you copied to your device internal storage.

    Allow it to flash completely and that’s all.

    • Hmm. I expect @Ade to have some technical knowledge on it that’s why I had to do a quick summary. Anyways, your details are very helpful.

      Thumbs up.

      • I used to have so much trouble following tutorials. Almost every time something wasn’t explained. From there a whole list of things can go wrong, especially in the middle of flashing. That’s usually bad.

      • I expect this information is already widely available to anyone Samsung Firmware. I also think Cas is giving misleading information and links

        • Yes, I have asked him to make research and be sure of the content before sharing it. Would you like to use professional tools to remove the FRP lock?

          • Thanks Samsung. You’re right I should have known to give him the Binary 3 firmware, (that he already tried) in the first place. Later I gave him (sorry if yer not a him Brookland) a link to what he originally asked for which was the Binary 4 firmware you say wasn’t usefull. Actually I think he had it right to begin with when asking for the Austrailian G920idvu4frd3 firmware. Thats what I used to clear mine. But then my files had an issue, my bad!

          • Alright. I understand. @Brooklyn needs a combination firmware on U4 binary or he can resort to using pro third party tools.

  21. Look up FRP Hijacker. There you can make a combination file for your device. Please note that sometimes they haven’t worked . Fortunately I have a 6 Plus so here’s where you wanna go to,

    • Hi Cas,

      Thanks for helping much appreciated 🙂 but every time I go to this link you have mentioned it will not allow the download of the file, it just constantly states this below and has been like this everyday for months.

      Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

      Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.