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20 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Samsung Galaxy Phone


While the iPhone represents simplicity and elegance, the Samsung Galaxy phones represent innovation. While some like to opt for a new phone because they want to try new technology, others choose a new phone because their existing device is outdated, or to get a new phone to go with their new outfit, or because of a new case they got, or because it’s the newest model on the market, and so on.

Whatever your reason is, this is the ultimate guide to help you decide which phone to buy and why.

We all have individual reasons for upgrading; some of us want a new and improved camera, others want more storage and playtime. Whatever you’re looking for, the Samsung Galaxy is an upgrade worth considering.

If you’re like us, finding the perfect phone for your needs is no small feat. Researching the best mobile phones to buy can be a complex process. With so many technical acronyms, features and specifications it’s easy to get lost in the jargon of mobile technology. And that’s where we come right in through the door.

So, what are some solid 20 reasons to buy a Samsung Phone over being an iPhone fanboy?

Meh. There are so many choices out there, but we’ll help you figure out which one is the best for you.

Here are the pros as to why you should choose a Samsung Galaxy Android phone over any other phone company:

Buying a Samsung Galaxy will make you look sexy, feel classy, and do more than the other phones.

Uhm, Here are the Top 20 Reasons not to buy an iPhone.

You want one of the best phones on the market. But with hundreds to choose from, it can be a daunting process to make a decision. There are too many brands, models, and features to even sort through it all.

So, if you’re looking for a phone with a larger, better display, faster speed, more storage, and battery life, a better camera, and the latest Android version, then the Samsung Galaxy phones are the perfect buy.

Is it possible for a smartphone to be perfect? The answer is no.

After all, there are so many options to choose from, and the list goes on. However, if you’re looking for improved functionality, more security features, and durability, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy phones are as close as they can get to a perfect smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy, like a fine wine, is getting better with age.

The benefits of owning a Samsung Galaxy phone are many. In this post, we’re going to list for you the top 20 reasons why it’s simply a better choice.

Googles Android logo why you should buy a Samsung galaxy phone

A beautifully customized skin and Android OS on Samsung Galaxy devices makes them a must-have

You probably know by now that Samsung makes the most popular phones in the world, and you’ve been trying to figure out exactly why this is. Well, there’s a simple answer to that, “Android.”

The most remarkable reason you should get a Samsung Galaxy phone is that it runs on Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

And why is Android so important by the way?

Android is important because it’s a mobile smartphone platform.. and it’s from Google. That alone should be enough of a reason for you to switch!

Also, Android is used by 70 percent of smartphone users or some 1.4 billion people, and it has been on almost 1.5 billion devices.

Unlike iOs, Android is open source which means developers can create custom versions that are a true representation of themselves. You see what they want when they want it. In other words, you can be the geeky introvert you truly are.

Android forces people to work harder and reshape the way they think about technology.

Apart from the fact that Samsung Galaxy phones run on the Open Source Android OS, it uses a customized overlay called One UI which lets you customize your Samsung mobile experience with creativity, convenience, and a new way of communication that perfectly matches your needs.

Samsung Galaxy phones come with a special, and unique, user experience; it’s customized to offer you the best of the Android operating system that it’s almost as if it were made by a team of designers from Italy.

Samsung is one of the most popular phone brands in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Phones are one of the most popular devices/phone brands

Something that is a big seller but not supported by the technology community doesn’t exactly win the hearts of techies. Nokia was the original thought, but their lack of innovation caused them to fade.

Apart from being popular as an Android OS-based mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung Galaxy devices have been known to be affordable and community-friendly.

We don’t have to tell you what it’s like to use a smartphone from a brand chosen by billions of people around the world. You already know exactly how amazing that feels. If that’s not right, what is?

Samsung Galaxy phones camera are one of the best and high end camera phones

Samsung Galaxy phones are equipped with top-notch and high-quality cameras

When it comes to choosing a smartphone nowadays, whether iPhone or Android, the camera is always a top priority. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are more than two billion smartphone users in the world. That’s a lot of selfies you know.

Nowadays, smartphones have become a part of ourselves. It’s there when you wake up in the morning and remain with you until you go to sleep at night. Because smartphones now have everything we need, from navigation to a camera in them, it is important for us to not only choose a smartphone that we are comfortable with but also one that has the best camera.

In this age of social media, people want the ability to capture a moment regardless of where they are. The best way to do this is by taking a photo with a smartphone.

Choosing a smartphone camera has become increasingly complicated. If you’re looking for a high-quality product, it’s important to research what features are necessary and which phones deliver them in the best way.

If taking pictures or videos is as important to you as keeping your smartphone charged, then here are some of the reasons you should consider buying a Samsung Galaxy phone when next you visit a phone next.

Samsung Galaxy flagship devices are monsters in the camera department with more features than even the iPhone 12 or maybe 13. When it comes to features, you’ll get lost with the latest Samsung Galaxy device.

You get most of the features you can’t find on any iPhone currently like Portrait mode video, Super steady recording, Pro video mode with multiple cameras shooting simultaneously, single take, 8k video recording, and finally a Zooming capability that throws the iPhone out of the window.

The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the perfect blend of features and simplicity. They feature an enhanced camera that does more than ever before. You’ll see more, and do more with more Samsung Galaxy phones.

There’s a reason that Samsung is the number-one smartphone brand, and the new Samsung Galaxy phones are going to keep them on top.

If you want to take pictures that will be worth a thousand words and have a lot of storage for those huge quality images, the Samsung Galaxy phone is your best choice.

Samsung Galaxy devices are easy to use with great user

Samsung Galaxy phones are easy to use and very user friendly

If you are not just concerned with too many high-end features but just a simple user interface and an OS that doesn’t suck like most feature phones, you should actually get one of the Samsung devices out there.

Interestingly, to soothe the process of using a smartphone, Samsung provides a useful feature in their phones known as Easy mode. This mode makes the display easier to read, calling and messaging easier to reach, and makes the entire user interface a favorite for a non-tech savvy person.

Samsung Galaxy devices have a lot of apps and features to enjoy from Google play store and the Samsung app store

Samsung phones have a lot of apps and features to enjoy

A phone without apps or software would just be a piece of hardware with no use case while one with a gigantic app store and millions of free and paid apps to choose from actually makes your smartphone more effective and fun.

Because Samsung phones are powered by Android, you as a user have too many options when it comes to software/apps, games, etc to choose from. Apart from the Google play store, you also have Samsung’s own app store as an additional home of apps and more that will add value to your Samsung Galaxy device.

This is not just true for Samsung Galaxy phones, but every Android phone out there that’s properly charged.

Unlike iPhones that are a pain in the head to install apps outside the Apple App store, with your Samsung Galaxy device, you can install any Android app you find unless it’s not compatible with your smartphone, which is rare nowadays.

And that’s it, Samsung Galaxy devices with Android give you unlimited and uncensored choices when it comes to installing apps/software.

Samsung Galaxy phones are available in different price ranges affordable midrange and highend devices

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are cost-efficient

Have you ever loved a phone so much but can’t get it because of the price or its accessories and cost of repairs/maintenance is bullish?

Well, Samsung Galaxy devices are one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world because it gets into the hands of both the midrange and high-end users. If you want an extremely affordable Android device, you could just walk into a Samsung retail outlet and you’ll have a ton of Samsung Galaxy device models to pick from.

Yeah, the choices are very wide and that’s what makes this brand so special.

Next time you are considering getting a very low-budget smartphone that still performs well, go to a brand that gives you lots of options to choose from.

Samsung phones are large screen smartphones that are great for work and entertainment

Most Samsung phones are large-screen smartphones that are great for work and entertainment

Samsung has always been a leader when it comes to innovation and one area it has always ruled the game is on the display and entertainment side.

Almost all of Samsung’s flagship devices incorporate one of the best and most gorgeous displays on a smartphone. No wonder Samsung displays are used on iPhones and a lot of popular Android phones like Xiaomi, Oneplus, etc.

Samsung phones have always made use of AMOLED displays and recently Dynamic AMOLED which is one of the most realistic displays with deep blacks and high color saturation for immersive views and entertainment.

Not all manufacturers put this into consideration and that’s where Samsung keeps winning. Samsung makes use of AMOLED displays in both midrange and high-end or flagship devices, you don’t get to miss out because you want something affordable.

Talking about high refresh rates, touch sampling rates, HDR10+ display, epic screen resolutions, and even size, Samsung is the king unless it decides to take a nap for a while.

Samsung Galaxy phones support 3G 4G 5G and WiFi

Samsung Galaxy phones support 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi

Most Samsung Galaxy series phones support major mobile networks that are available in the US including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular®, and unlocked versions also work on compatible international networks.

With a very large number of Samsung Galaxy devices supporting networks like 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi, you can always stay connected. This means that the phone will be able to connect to the internet on all networks.

The support for each network is different, so each type of network can be used at different speeds. When using the phone on the different types of networks, the phone should be able to connect to the internet at the amount of speed that is listed on the network.

Samsung phones with 3G, 4G, and 5G aren’t just for the flagship devices only, midrange devices are also available with 5G connectivity and a decent battery to compensate for that power-hungry feature.

Supports automatic updates and fastwireless charging technology

Supports automatic updates and fast/wireless charging technology

Just like iOS, most Samsung Galaxy devices have always received the latest Android software updates, security patches, and more especially bug fixes when the need arises. Samsung is among Android smartphone manufacturers like Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, etc that have always made sure their smartphones are always updated to the latest Android version or something close.

When it comes to charging, Samsung might not have the highest or fastest charging smartphones, but their devices support fast charging and wireless charging that aren’t as expensive as purchasing another Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy Phones can be easily rooted because it runs on the open source Android OS

Samsung Galaxy phones as well as most Android devices can be rooted

If you’re not just a regular Android user, you must have heard or actually rooted an Android device before. Rooting on Android is like Jail-breaking an iPhone. Rooting an Android is far easier than Jail-breaking an iOS device even with the recent hardware exploits available for iOS devices.

The benefits of rooting your Android device are enormous and when it comes to a feature-packed device like a Samsung Galaxy, you are just opening up a universe of impossibilities and freedom.

Also note that rooting your device could void the warranty, cause you to lose your personal data or information, expose you to vulnerabilities and sometimes brick your device if not done properly.

But the gains are like a 1000x pump in crypto.

Samsung Galaxy phones are one of the best smartphones for multimedia purposes

Samsung Galaxy Phones are great for multimedia purposes

Ever wanted to pick a phone that’s an embodiment of entertainment/multimedia? Well, you can never go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone especially the flagship devices where Samsung always decides to go all out.

Most premium and midrange Samsung devices have a lot of features that bring multimedia and entertainment closer to you than ever.

Here’re are few things that make Samsung Galaxy devices are a one-stop hub for multimedia, especially premium devices.


  • Samsung Galaxy devices have are among the smartphones with the best displays in the industry. You know what that means, right?
  • Samsung Galaxy devices have very high screen resolutions
  • They offer high refresh rates
  • Support HDR10+ video
  • 2K, 4K and 8K video recording
  • Exremely powerful PRO camera mode
  • Powerful CPU and GPU for gaming
  • Very high brightness
  • Stereo speakers
  • 5G support for streaming videos, music or whatever you do online

and these are just a few of the super features to give you that awesome multimedia experience.

Just wait for the next Galaxy smartphone if you want, your patience will pay off.

Samsung Galaxy phones provide support for expanding storage via and have models with different storage options

Samsung Galaxy phones have a lot of storage capacity and the option to increase the memory

Unlike iPhones, most Android phones offer different storage options to choose from and also give you a slot to add more storage via a microSD card. Samsung has always been the choice of many Android smartphone lovers because of the massive storage options and expandable storage available on its devices.

If you take a lot of pictures, videos, music, download files and install apps and you wouldn’t want to be limited by storage, then picking a Samsung Galaxy phone with large default storage and expandable memory will be a decision you won’t regret.

Samsung Galaxy phones have amazing battery life

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have an amazing battery life

One thing is to have a smartphone with awesome features and another thing is to have a smartphone battery that can power these features. When it comes to good battery backup, you have a lot of options to choose from if you pick a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung flagship devices also come with large batteries up to 4000mah to provide power for the hardware and features on the phone. Well, if you don’t care about having a smartphone with the best zoom but want something with a lot of battery juice, you’re not going to be disappointed.

Samsung has some of the best big battery Android phones in the market without compromising too much of the features you need. Samsung Galaxy M and A series smartphones are some of the best Samsung phones with large batteries and the latest one in the mid-range segment, the Samsung Galaxy M51 has a whopping 7,000mAh battery.

That’s insane.

Let’s move to the next reason why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy phone today or don’t buy a phone at all!

Samsung Galaxy phones are made with high quality hardware to give you a top notch experience and performance

Samsung Galaxy phones use high-quality hardware/parts for great performance and durability

As a major player in the smartphone-making business, Samsung doesn’t just use the best quality parts and hardware for its devices, it also supplies parts needed for smartphones to other phone manufacturers.

Apart from Samsung being at the top three smartphone manufacturers/brands in the world, Samsung doesn’t need to sell its own phones to have a huge presence in mobile because all the best phones use Samsung parts. Yes, that’s absolutely right.

From having a Samsung Super-AMOLED display on almost all flagship Android phones to making the best memory and memory controller, Samsung makes the best computer flash storage, Samsung makes the best SSD(Solid State Drives), etc

The two most popular parts Samsung supplies to other manufacturers are Display and Memory. The quality of these products is so top-notch that even a tight spender like Apple doesn’t want to look for alternatives because there’s none actually.

Apart from these, Samsung Cameras are also being used on many top mobile phone brands.

A company that supplies parts that are indispensable and extremely high quality, what more would you expect in its products?

Samsung Galaxy phones come in multiple eye catching colors to choose from to personalize your needs

Samsung Galaxy phones come in multiple eye-catching colors to personalize your phone needs

There’s freedom of speech and also the freedom to choose any color you want for your smartphone. But, what if there’re not enough colors to pick, well, there always will be with your Samsung Galaxy phone.

On most Samsung Galaxy models, they’re more than four colors to choose from and if it’s less, you have one or more very cool colors to pick without feeling unsatisfied.

Colors include Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Bold Canary Yellow, Crown Silver, Majestic Black, and Royal Gold, and many other major colors like Violet, Pink, Gray, White, Black, etc

Some models have a few exclusive color options like the S20 series;

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: Cloud Pink, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cloud White (Verizon exclusive)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black, Aura Blue (BestBuy exclusive), Purple BTS Edition, Jennie Red Edition (South Korea only)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black

Most mid-range Samsung devices come with a lot more color options like a rainbow of phone cases and that makes sense to anyone who loves looking special.

If you’ve never owned a Samsung, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. With models ranging from the classic black or white to the deep bronze, golden brown, or Mellow Gold, Midnight Black, your new phone will be uniquely yours — inside and out.

If everything else on this list doesn’t sink, the color choices on Galaxy devices should be the reason why you should buy a Samsung phone or more than one if buying for your entire family.

Samsung Galaxy devices are NFC enabled

Most Samsung Galaxy devices are NFC enabled

Although NFC has been around for more than a decade, only a limited number of handset manufacturers have embedded the technology into their devices.

As always, Samsung Galaxy devices put you in the forefront of technology and NFC is a big one. Here’s why.

But, what’s NFC and why should you consider it on your next choice of phone, which will be an NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy device?

According to Android Authority, here’s what NFC means and how it works

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and, as the name implies, it enables short-range communication between compatible devices. This requires at least one transmitting device, and another to receive the signal. A range of devices can use the NFC standard and will be considered either passive or active.


If that makes sense to you which I suppose, then your next cool reason to buy a Samsung Galaxy phone might be because you want to enjoy this tech without breaking your wallet.

Here is a list of some handpicked Samsung Galaxy phones with NFC.

BrandsModelOSRelease Year
SamsungGalaxy Quantum 2Android2021
SamsungGalaxy A72Android2021
SamsungGalaxy A52 5GAndroid2021
SamsungGalaxy A52Android2021
SamsungGalaxy M62Android2021
SamsungGalaxy A32Android2021
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5GAndroid2021
SamsungGalaxy S21 5GAndroid2021
SamsungGalaxy Z FlipAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy XCover ProAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 UltraAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 5GAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy Note 20Android2020
SamsungGalaxy M51Android2020
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5GAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy S20 FE 5GAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy S20 FEAndroid2020
SamsungGalaxy S20Android2020
SamsungGalaxy Note 10+Android2019
SamsungGalaxy Note 10Android2019
SamsungGalaxy S10+Android2019
SamsungGalaxy S10Android2019
Multiple choices or models to choose from

Samsung phones come in multiple choices or models

If solving the problem of consumer choices was a brand, Samsung should be one of the best smartphones with multiple model options to choose from.

Not everyone would have the capacity to buy the latest flagship Galaxy devices either from the S or Note series, but having an option to choose the same device with just a few stripped out specs and maybe a reduction in size as well for a lower price, most people will become die-hard customers, especially when the missing features are almost unnoticeable.

When picking your next phone, go all out on a Samsung Galaxy device and trust me you will find something to make your smart life more personalized.

Most Samsung Galaxy phones support headphone 3.5mm jack

Most Samsung Galaxy phones support headphone/3.5mm jack

Having a headphone jack on a smartphone is like everything to many mobile phone users. Yeah, they’re super Bluetooth headsets or gadgets that can replace the wired connection, but a lot of people still love having the headphone jack on their phone.

Samsung Galaxy devices have been known for a long time to have the headphone jack/3.5mm port added to a large number of devices apart from a very few. Whether you’re into music production or you are the listener, you can’t go wrong if you pick a Samsung phone because of the headphone jack.

Apart from having the headphone port added on most models, you also get one of the best audio experiences ever with the inbuilt software that amplifies your songs to make the audio playback a wow experience every time you tap that play button.

Most Samsung Galaxy devices supports Fingerprint and Face Unlock security

Most Samsung Galaxy devices support Fingerprint and Face Unlock security

Only Android phones currently offer multiple security lock/unlocking options like Fingerprint, Face unlock, PIN, Password, or whatever is coming in the future. and Samsung is taking it further.

Having the option to unlock your device with your fingerprint can be very convenient especially in this period of COVID-19 where everyone is putting on a mask. Unlike iPhones with just a super awesome and fast Face ID, Samsung phones, especially the flagship devices add more options to unlock/secure your phone conveniently.

If you’re wearing a face mask, you can use your fingerprint and if you have a hand-glove, the face unlock should work or even the Iris scanner on some Samsung Galaxy models will do the unlocking.

Having two different biometric means of unlocking your device is a big plus.

Samsung galaxy phones are secured with advanced security built in the hardware and software

Samsung Galaxy phones are secured with advanced security built-in

Smartphone security is now as important as the hardware and features on a phone. Phones are being hacked and OS compromised in so many ways, this and more are some of the reasons why any responsible phone brand should put security first among other very important features.

Samsung Galaxy phones are secured from the ground to the top, i.e, both from the hardware and software point.

How does Samsung make its Galaxy devices very secured for security-conscious users?

Samsung has promised that Galaxy products launched since 2019, including the Z, S, Note, A, XCover, and Tab series, will now receive at least four years of security updates. This makes a lot of sense!

Apart from that, Samsung prides itself in offering security to its users with Samsung Knox, its defense-grade security platform and cutting-edge technologies such as the industry’s strongest security chip, the embedded Secure Element (eSE);2 a Secure Processor to protect against physical attacks; and the recently introduced Knox Vault, which adds another layer of security.

As one of the few companies to design and develop its own products, software, and services, Samsung offers true end-to-end protection, from the moment new product planning begins until a product is retired.

By embedding security across every single layer of its devices, from the chip all the way up to the apps, Samsung can protect personal information in real-time and preemptively respond to increasingly advanced mobile threats.

Security has always been in Samsung’s DNA and it’s very evident. From

  • Samsung Pass service for securely helps you keep your usernames and passwords and saves you the stress of remembering all of your logins.
  • Secure Folder which creates a separate encrypted space to store your data, meaning only you have access to the most private parts of your phone.
  • Samsung’s Find My Mobile service which allows you to remotely locate your smartphone, backup data stored on the device to Samsung Cloud, lock the screen, and even block access to Samsung Pay. And if you need to, you can also delete all data stored on your device.

These are just some of the security benefits of owning a Galaxy device. One UI also adds more security features like:

  • Temporary Permissions – You can now give apps access to a permission temporarily. The camera, microphone, and location have a new option in the permission request prompt: “Only this time.” When chosen, the app is given one-time access, but as soon as it closes, it must request the permission again in order to use it again.
  • Background Location Access Must Be Granted Manually
  • Auto-Resetting Permissions – In One UI 3.0, when an app hasn’t been used for multiple months, its permissions can be revoked automatically. Using the new “Remove permissions if app isn’t used” toggle found within an apps’ permission page (the app must target Android 11 to see this toggle), all granted permission will change to “Deny.”
  • Protection Against App Queries
  • Repetitive Permission Requests Are Auto-Blocked
  • Spam Protection
  • No More Assignable Default Camera – In One UI 3.0, users can no longer set a default camera. While you can still use third-party camera apps and the camera features built into apps such as Snapchat, when an app requests to use a camera app, it must use the phone’s preinstalled camera app. This was done to prevents apps from stealing your location by reading geotags in your pictures.
  • Disable Automatic USB Audio Routing


So, we’ve jointly agreed that you are going to a Samsung retail store or online to buy your next Samsung Galaxy phone, right?

Well, these 20 reasons are good enough to make you buy a Samsung Galaxy phone or add it to your gadgets.

Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments section.


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