How to Optimize your Samsung Phone for Gaming

Samsung devices represent the pinnacle of hardware and software integration on Android and as such as they are the premier option for those looking for immersive and engaging gaming experiences on mobile.

If you’re playing a graphically demanding game like Asphalt 9 or Fortnite, following the steps in this quick tutorial will keep the frame rates smooth and the in-game soundtrack optimized for immersion. 

How to Optimize your Samsung Galaxy Phone for Gaming

These steps are beneficial and will ensure maximum battery life and visual fidelity whether you’re playing a relatively simple game like DTO, the lightweight training application for poker, or classic geometric puzzler Tetris, the world-famous game that embraces our universal desire to create order out of chaos.

Update Android

It’s important to keep your device up to date, as this is the only way you will be able to benefit from the latest software improvements delivered to you through new iterations of Android’s operating system.

These include bug fixes and security patches that benefit the overall stability of your system, which will positively impact your gaming experience.

How to Optimize your Samsung Galaxy Phone for Gaming

Silence Notifications

Nothing’s worse than getting deeply involved in a game only to have a spree of notifications appear out of nowhere and fill your screen with spam emails, social media posts and operating system jargon.

Ensuring you’ve set your phone to Do Not Disturb, or in the very least making sure you’ve minimized the quantity of push notifications you have enabled on your phone can not only make the difference between immersive or disruptive gaming, it can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Hardware add-ons

There are numerous peripherals you can add to improve your gaming experience, such as opting to listen to your games through high quality audio headphones or Samsung’s galaxy buds.

You can also buy add-on game controllers to give you physical buttons on which to play, such as Samsung’s own GLAP Gaming Pad and if you’re looking to get some marathon gaming in you can massively increase your overall battery life with the help of an add-on external battery pack such as Anker’s Power Banks.

Clear Cache

Your phone is constantly getting clogged up with junk data as a normal part of its processes. Applications store cookies and update information in order for them to work with less friction.

Other applications, such as chat apps like WhatsApp, by default store every single image and Gif that is shared to you in the app. This can quickly fill up your phone with data you don’t want or need.

This can have the unwanted effect of hampering performance on your device, which will impact how well and reliably games, especially demanding ones, will be able to run.

You can go into Android’s device settings to delete app data caches, you can also use third-party applications to help you tidy up unwanted files and duplicates to keep your system fast and optimal.

Remove Unwanted Applications

Related to the previous point is ensuring you’re removing unwanted applications from your device. It can be easy to forget you’ve downloaded an app, especially nowadays where it seems like every service or company advocates for you to utilize their apps.

The situation can get out of control quickly, especially with a device that has limited onboard memory. Frequently checking what apps you have installed, and making sure to uninstall apps you don’t need, is a great optimization.

Also be sure to turn off automatic app updates from the Play Store, as updates take up further memory and may not be necessary.


Some Samsung smartphones, like the popular Note series, or the latest S21 Ultra with its 6.8” display, have plenty of screen real estate on which to enjoy your gaming. But sometimes you want to enjoy your games on your much larger display.

There are numerous ways to do this, the most simple being with the benefit of a casting device like Google’s own Chromecast, and third-party screen mirroring apps.

These will let you stream the content of your screen’s display onto a larger device like an HDTV or computer monitor. If you have Samsung’s own hybrid desktop solution, Samsung DeX, you can play games with a keyboard and mouse or even plug in a full game controller.

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