Apps and Sites All Samsung Users Need Ahead of Euro 2020

Euro 2020 promises to be even more intriguing than most international football tournaments, as some of the sport’s top players attempt to put themselves in the shop window ahead of prospective big-money moves towards the end of the transfer window.

With some teams undergoing a rebuilding phase and others hitting their stride at just the right time, the combination of an Olympic Games and a European Championships will mean no sports fan will have anything to complain about this summer.

Here we take a sneak peek at just some of the Android apps that all Samsung users should be downloading ahead of what should be a veritable feast of football.


All of these apps and sites have the potential to improve a fan’s Euro 2020 experience, whether they want to watch, bet, or exchange banter with fellow fans

Apps and Sites for Tips and Big Game Previews

One of the best things about the build-up to big tournaments is trying to piece together which teams have the greatest chance of success.

Many factors are often at play with everything from injuries to group draws having to be factored in.

Of course, with many fans being too busy to dedicate all their time to figure these things out for themselves, there are a plethora of apps and websites doing it all for them.

Some of the best of these are comparison sites and apps which combine betting tips with accurate matchday previews, all of which are collated by footy experts and pundits.

One such one-stop-shop for matchday previews is oddschecker, although there are others provided by the likes of Sportsmole and

United kingdom bristol ball round

Portugal were the surprise winners of Euro 2016 and some of these apps and sites have the power to give hints about which team could come from nowhere to win this time around

Staying Abreast of Injuries to Key Players

Domestic seasons in Europe have been tougher than ever this term, and that means many top players are falling by the wayside in the leadup to the Euro showcase.

While most online media outlets will be able to keep fans updated about the odd injury here or there, it is useful to also have a database to refer to, so that injuries can be perused across a whole team squad or league competition.

For the Premier League there is nothing better than, as the injuries each English topflight team suffers are meticulously logged, for those fans who are trying to look ahead to the Euros in as much detail as possible.

The Official App is Worth Having

Sometimes the official apps for major events are seriously disappointing, thrown together at the last minute and being more for show rather than serving a purpose.

However, UEFA have had some practice at making tournament specific apps, and so theirs tend to be better than average.

The Euro 2020 app is now available to all Samsung users and is a great place to quickly find out tournament schedules and where fan zones are located in each of this summer’s host cities.

Of course, if getting to a host city is difficult, then at least make sure your phone or tablet is hooked up to your smart TV, so you have the most complete coverage of the tournament possible.

Social Media Gives a View into the Dressing Rooms

Although plenty of traditional sports media platforms give relatively good access to certain teams and managers, none of them can ever really compete with the first-hand information and content provided by the chief protagonists themselves, the players.

There really is no better way to follow all the stars of the tournament, as well as all the main topics of conversation going on amongst fan groups, than by downloading the likes of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, all of which will be packed with the best backstage gossip in the team hotels and training grounds.

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